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Homework for Monday, Jan 11

Review 4. Textbook, p. 167 & Reading Comprehension Hand-out
Remember! "A Rose for Emily" for Jan 13
(Copy and paste if it does not work straight away). If you have problems, just google "A Rose for Emily" & "text". Merry Xmas!

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Homework for Monday, Dec 14

Reading, p. 36, ex 1 & 2
Voc, p. 37, ex. 1 & 2

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A Rose for Emily. Deadline Jan 13

Homework for Wed, Dec 2nd

Reading p. 30 pp. 2-3-4

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Homework for Monday, Nov 30

Textbook, p. 28, VOC 1 &2
WB, 3B, Relative clauses exercises

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Homework for Wed, Nov 25th

Review exercises for Unit 2 at the end of the book, p. 165

Activity for Friday 27th: "War Made Easy"

On Friday we will be watching a documentary called "War Made Easy", narrated by Sean Penn about wars and the USA. If you can't make it to class, you can watch it at home following this link:

You also have a transcript and study guide here:

You can then write a Video Review following this outline:

What do you think about the video?
Do you agree with the opinions expressed in it?
What have you learned? (both from a general and a linguistic point of view)
Would you recommend it?

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Homework for Mo, Nov 23rd

Composition about Spanish stereotypes and reality. TB p. 129

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No class on Friday 20 th

We will have class on the 27th instead

Homework for Wed, Nov 18th

TB p. 164, Review 1. All the exercises

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Homework for Monday, Nov 16

Text book, p. 21, ex. 2
P. 22, ex. 1 & 2

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Kevin's Headlines

Would you like to write down your stories? Add a commentary

Homework for Wed, Nov 11th

TB p. 19, verb idioms, ex. 1 & 2

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Homework for Mo Nov 9th

Textbook, p. 16, Grammar, ex.3
Workbook p. 10, ex. 3

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Homework for Wed Oct 28th

Workbook: p. 6, ex 1 & 3; p. 7, ex. 4.

Remember: on Wednesday we will only have class from 6 to 6:45. I have a meeting of the School Board (Consejo Escolar) and I am the Secretary, so I can't say no...

Please, use that first hour (at home or in the Self-Access Room) to tour my website. You can start at "Learning English", "Videos and Listening". You can try "Ello", "Yapper" and "Learning English through the Movies". Let us know what you have watched later in class.

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Homework for Monday, Oct 26

Write down your CV. You can use this (if you have time)

You can bring it to class or mail it to me:

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Reading Review

Title of the article:




What is the article about?

What’s your opinion about the theme of the article?

What have you learnt from a linguistic point of view? (vocabulary, expressions…)

Did you like it?

Would you recommend it?

Reading Assignments

October: one article from Onestopenglish (Monthly Lessons)

November: one article from The New York Times (Room for Debate):

December: "A Rose for Emily", short story by William Faulkner:

January: An article from The Guardian Weekly:

Homework for Wed Oct 21

Read article from The Guardian Weekly. Pick it up in class.

Pronunciation links

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